An English-Hebrew Phrasebook || שיחון אנגלי-עברי

The Hebrew Café is currently putting together a phrasebook (שיחון) that will help you learn some important basic expressions in preparation for your trip to Israel. This phrasebook will include polite expressions, numbers and counting, telling time, asking for directions, names of places, transportation and more. Everything underlined in blue will be clickable with audio (mp3). All you need to do is click on the underlined word or phrase to hear it pronounced.

Phrasebook Chapters || פרקים של השיחון

The following is what we are aiming at constructing for the free side of the site:

Greetings, Questions, Confusion
Learn how to ask simple wh-questions (“what?” “where?” “who?” “how much?”), how to tell someone that you don’t understand, that you speak only a little Hebrew, how to ask him to speak English. Learn to say you’re sorry and tell someone thanks.
Numbers, Time and Appointments
Learn to count to 100 and above. Use those numbers to express times and set appointments. Ask someone to meet you at a specific time and confirm the details.
Going to a Restaurant
Telling the host that you need a table for five. Learn to ask for a menu, to ask to speak to the manager, to tell them that the food was not very good – and request a refund!
Clothes Shopping
Learn the names of various garments and words you might use in a shop. Ask the attendant in the store to replace an item or bring it in a different size or color.